quarta-feira, 2 de junho de 2010

Seminário de NEWARK

The main goal is to create awareness among migrant women and men regarding gender stereotypes, sub-valorization or distortions and discriminations that affect the image of women in the communities’ media and generate ways to become conscious and denounce those situations – every time media don’t follow, indeed, the evolution of reality or don’t help its development, in this domain or in a dynamic perspective.
In order to prepare students, association members and journalists, we recommend a previous exercise of reading or listening to media programs/ shows of the Portuguese community or other foreign communities, as well as American, for a first comparative analysis of its content, in this specific area of influence.
Target public: College students; journalists, association directors
Documents to hand in: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights; Convention concerning elimination of all forms of discrimination against women; Practical Guide of Journalist (rights and duties, rules of behavior); Newspapers and taped local programs/ shows.
1st Day
Opening: Seminar goals. Reference of past seminars that took place at University of Mass-Dartmouth and at Portuguese Association of Montreal, in 2009
“The gender question in the making and reading of the media”
Which making? (Priorities of media – general information, or specialized, preservation of connections with the country of origin, its cultural traditions, integration in the new country, provide public service, commercial goals?)
Which reading? (Exercises related with listening and watching media programs, social networks, and blogs). Correspondence with proprieties aimed?
2nd Day
1st Subject:
“Rules and limits of each type of media: what we can see and what we can expect trough a more active attitude from the women themselves (radio, TV, newspapers, social networks and blogs)”
2nd Subject
“The intervenient(s) – possibilities of access in the making and influence in the media and multimedia production by women; (from several generations) – introduction also the generational question in a specific community (from Nj?), and its instruments of “defense”, while consumers”.

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