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Bio Data

Name: Joan Margaret Marbeck
Sex: Female
Date of Birth: 26th. June 1944
Place of Birth: 322 Jalan Bandar Hilir Melaka
Present Address: No.1 Jalan RK5/13 Rasah Kemayan, 70300 Seremban
Negri Sembilan D.K.
ID. No. 440626 04 5032

Profession: Kristang Language writer since 1990
Retired Government Pensioner since 1990
Specialist Music Teacher for Primary and Secondary Schools
from 1965 – 1990

Main Activities: 1990 – 2011


Updated Website and launched on 29th October 2011 in
commemoration of the 500th. Anniversary Celebrations.

Promoting ‘ Simply Mel’s ‘ a typical Melaka-Kristang Restaurant in Bangsar South,
Kuala Lumpur. Papiah Kristang Lessons take place once every
Month in conjunction with their High Tea Promotion. Next lesson on 19th. November
from 4pm.

Currently completing ‘ The Serani Series Set’ -1. Commemorative 500th Anniversary
Bahasa Serani Dictionary 2. Speak Serani 3. Bersu Serani
Proposed Launch for Serani Series January 2012

Proposed Internationa Creole Congress in collaboration with Federal University of Rio
de Janeiro to be held in Melaka tentatively June 2012
Proposed Kristang Language Workshops in collaboration with Melaka Museums
Corporation and Tourism Malaysia tentatively Dec. 2011

Visiting the Singapore Eurasian Association, to promote the Revival and use of the
Papiah Kristang Language among its members. July 2011
Invited to different households to speak and laugh at the 500 year old voice of the
Eurasians and enjoy the food and camadarie. It was overwhelming.

Translating a few Christmas Carols from English to Kristang for the Selangor

Philharmonic Choir for a Christmas performance in Perth. October 2011 and in Lutheran
Hall , Petaling Jaya, December 2011


Campaigned for space in the Muzium Rakyat, Melaka Town Centre to set up Malacca-
Eurasian Community Muzium. August 2010. Engaged as Eurasian consultant by
PERZIM- Melaka Museums Corporation in May 2011

Organised Marbeck Family Meet – July 2010

Proposed to the Embassy of Brazil , Malaysia, the staging of the Kristang Musical ‘
Kazamintu na Praiya’ in Kuala Lumpur , Jan/ Feb.2010


Entered Scripts of Kristang Monodrama ‘ Seng Marianne’ ( Without Marianne) again to
Lusophonia Festival Macau 2009


Initiating the Celebration of the 500th. Anniversary of the Arrival of the Portuguese to
take place between 2009 -2011.
A Conference on the Revival and study of the Malacca Creole Portuguese Language and
a Subscription Dinner and Dance to support the Development of the Eurasian Heritage
in Malaysia has been proposed.

Printed brochures for distribution to create awareness in Dec. 2008


Honoured as Digi Amazing Malaysian and named 'The Kristang Poet of Melaka'
Wrote and directed the Musical 'Kazamintu na Praiya' for 60 schoolchildren of different
races in Melaka who participated in the Digi Showcase on the 24th. Nov. 2007. Children
not of Kristang origin learnt the lyrics of songs written in the Kristang language without
difficulty and were able to perform and sing almost professionally only after 3 months


Wrote Kristang Monodrama ' Seng Marianne' ( Without Marianne) to enter for
Lusophonia Festival in Macau


Published 'Linggu Mai' ( Mother Tongue) a set of 3 pedagogical items to revive the
Kristang Language. This set included a Reader, A Kristang Phrasebook and Finderlist as
well as a CD. This initiative was supported by the Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian


Published Mini-Conference Report on the preservation and development of the Malacca-
Portuguese Creole Language and Heritage. Publication
Supported by Fundacao Oriente- Macau.


Attended UNESCO Conference in Melaka. Commended by Richard Engelhart on my
initiative to preserve the Language and Heritage of the Malacca-Portuguese creoles.


Invited to speak to Masters students at the Universidadi Catholica, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
on the ‘Papiah Kristang’ Language and its Survival and Revival
In Melaka.


Organised a Mini – Conference on the preservation and development of the Malacca-
Portuguese Creole Language and Heritage in Malaysia. Jan.1996

Organised the Production of the Play ' Mind your own Business' as Secretary of the
Malacca Theatre Group.

Was invited to script and direct the Musical ' St. Francis Xavier- Patron Saint of the
Indies for the 100th. Anniversary of the Church of St. Francis Xavier, Melaka


Published ' Ungua Adanza' ( An Inheritance ). 1st. Book to be written in the Kristang
Language and in an orthography similar to Bahasa Malaysia. This was also published
with a Grant from the Fundacao Calouste Gulbenkian.


Attended a Symposium on Spanish and Portuguese- based Creoles held in Brasilia,
Brasil. Paper presented ‘ Experiencia unga Kristang na Malaka’ is recorded in Papia
Vol.3 No.2 1994

From 1970s –

Have been involved with Community Service Projects of the YWCA at Local and
National levels focusing on programs for Women and Girls of the Portuguese Settlement
as well as for marginalized families and Senior Citizens.

Member of the Selangor and Federal Territory Eurasian Association
The Malacca Portuguese Eurasian Association, frequent Guest of the Singapore
Eurasian Association and Eurasian Association of Western Australia.
Member of the Melaka Theatre group.

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