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Mutu Grandi Merseh Manuela. Onti pos jah lebah pra yo libru Mulher Migrante ( 1974 -2014 40 Anos de Migracoes em Liberdade) Korsang yo fikah mutu allegrih pra olah na pg 103 yosa email kung bos ki falah nos sa encontra na Melaka kung jah fikah yo sa kambradu teng binti seti anu. Mas bos sa saportah kung inspirah kung yo fikah ung skribang pra dokumentah ' Papiah Kristang' Ozindia yo fikah gabadu pra falah agora yo jah publikah tres libru na Linggu Papiah Kristang. Yo lo kontinua isti sibrisu pra skribeh Linggu Kristang pra mas tantu anu, ateh teng jenti kristang idadi ka mas krensa di yo sigih skribeh kung kontinua yosa sibrisu ki yo tantu amor. Masembes, mutu grandi merseh pra tudu ki bos jah fazeh pra yo.

English Translation:

Thank you so much Manuela. Yesterday, the Post brought me the Migrant Women Report - 1974-2014 ( 40 years of Freedom Migration) I was filled with happiness to note of an email article from me on Page 103. It related of our 1st Meeting in Melaka in 1988 when I was introduced to you by Rev. Fr. M. J. Pintado. Photos show of our 2nd. Meeting at the Marbeck Family Home Museum in 1996. Our collaboration, your support and inspiration in my work of Reviving the Language and Culture has seen me publish 3 books in the Papiah Kristang language. I shall continue with this work of documenting the Papiah Kristang Language and Heritage as long as I am able to do so and until there are others especially the younger generation of Eurasians who will continue with interest and passion the work on our Heritage, Language and Culture for the future. Once more let me say a big Thank you for all you have done for me and the Eurasians of Malaysia.
Nóe é que temos de agradecer a Joan tudo quanto vem fazendo e vai continuar a fazer pela lusofonia no Oriente. Que bela é esta língua antiga que nos une ainda no século XXI! A "Lnggu Kristang"!

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